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Shostka Institute of SSU together with the Town Department of Education Management organized a meeting ... >>>

The 14th International Specialized Exhibition of Arms and Military Equipment Weapons and Security 2017 was held in Kyiv ... >>>

Shostka Institute and Ivan Kozhedub Chemical Technological College have invited teaching staffs from all the educational institutions of the city and district ... >>>

Representatives of Shostka Institute of Sumy State University have participated in seminars held in Kyiv within the framework of the International Information Week of the European Union Programme Erasmus + ... >>>

Day of Science at Shostka Institute of Sumy State University ... >>>

Voting to the student council and the election ... >>>

Work and travel >>>

The 2-nd All-Ukrainian Scientific and Methodological Conference EDUCATION, SCIENCE AND PRODUCTION: DEVELOPMENT AND PROSPECTS >>>

The Third International Research and Practical Conference CHEMICAL TECHNOLOGY: SCIENCE, ECONOMY AND PRODUCTION ... >>>

Regional Scientific - Practical Seminar Innovative IT technologies in Education and Industrial Training Process ... >>>

Business Forum Industrial Park Svema: Strategies for the Future Development ... >>>

eetup at the Institute ... >>>

In Shostka Institute All-Ukrainian scientific-methodological conference "EDUCATION, SCIENCE AND INDUSTRY: DEVELOPMENT AND PERSPECTIVES "... >>>

Distribution of graduates of 2016... >>>

Participation of ShI SumDU in the International Scientific Practical Conference... >>>

Scientific and Practical Conference Problems of Development of IT Technologies and Cluster Initiatives... >>>

Opening Educational-Memorial Complex... >>>

Shostka Institute of Sumy State University has been visited by the delegation... >>>

Seminar The Instruments for Support of Mobility of Scientists under the EU Priorities for 2015-2020 Years... >>>

Personal allocation of specialists... >>>

VIII Ukrainian Scientific-Practical Conference New Information Technologies in Education... >>>

Commerce and Industry of Ukraine held a conference... >>>

Get educated on the popular specialties becomes easier >>>

Monograph Waterproof Industrial Explosives Based on Ammonium Nitrate >>>

Scientific and Technical Activities >>>

The 1-st Scientific and Methodological Conference >>>

2-nd International Research and Practical Conference CHEMICAL TECHNOLOGY: SCIENCE, ECONOMY AND PRODUCTION >>>

Schostka Institute has celebrated the International Students Day on a grand scale... >>>

Second Lieutenant Rank as a Good Addition to the University Degree >>>

Constructive meeting >>>

Decent Future to Graduates! >>>

It is a ball ... >>>

A sports ground (a football field and a running track) was opened >>>

New monograph department of CHTHMC >>>

7th time a contest of scientific-research papers has been held >>>

The 10th Open Student Research Workshop >>>

Internship and Practice Abroad >>>

Presentation of the Institute >>>

The Work of the 1st International Scientific Practical Conference Chemical Technology: Science and Production >>>

Another foreign language >>>

Department of Chemical Technology of Macromolecular Compounds conducts research and development >>>

Hall of residence of ShI of SSU >>>

Shostka Institute of SSU invites to cooperation in the following areas of scientific activity >>>

Embedded research and development of the Shostka Institute of SSU >>>

Current developments that are proposed for implementation >>>

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