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Contact Information:
Our address is:
Haharina st. 1, Shostka , Sumy region , 41100 ,
Phone:+38(05449) 4-28-28
Shostka Institute of Sumy State University
Email info@ishostka.sumdu.edu.ua

Part-time and distance learning :
Shostka Institute of Sumy State University
Center of part-time and distance learning :
Phone: +38(05449) 4-28-20
room 319-320 from 8-00 to 17-00,
Haharina st. 1, Shostka , Sumy region , 41100 ,
Email : zaoch@ishostka.sumdu.edu.ua

e-mail: info@ishostka.sumdu.edu.ua
License MESU: series AB № 552931 from 07.12.2010

Welcome to Shostka !

Shostka is a modern, orderly city that is located at 209 km north of the regional center (Sumy).
Distance from Kyiv - 300km, Chernihiv - 212 km, Kursk and Bryansk – 220 km, Kharkiv and Gomel – 320 km and to the highway Kyiv-Moscow - 32 km. An electrified railway binds Shostka and Kyiv.
The city is inhabited by 83,000 people.
Enterprises of various industries : chemical, forest, machinery, food, etc.., and three research institutes operate in the city. Shostka is a city of students: in educational institutions of higher learning more than 3,000 future professionals study. The main educational institution is Shostka Institute of Sumy State University. From year to year research capabilities of its teaching staff are growing, and the quality of education is improving.
Today, a Professor, 2 Ph.Ds, 19 PhDs, 9 associate professors work here and other 22 lecturers of the Institute are taking their post graduate course at various state Universities. Institute lecturers are taking an active part in the academic life of Ukraine. Much attention is paid to the development of its social base. There is a sports hall, a well-equipped gym, a reading room with 100 seats, a dining room and a dormitory, which fully meets the needs of all students.
Shostka Institute of Sumy State University is awaiting you!