Regional Scientific-Practical Seminar
Innovative IT technologies in Education and Industrial Training Process

The regional seminar Innovative IT technologies in Education and Industrial Training Process has been held for the purpose of social education and research projects and programs of Sumy State University for the development of education, science and production in Sumy region with the support of Microsoft on software solutions in the field of education and production on the basis of Shostka Institute.
The participants of the event were directors and deputy directors, teachers of secondary, vocational and higher educational institutions of Shostka, S.-Buda, Glukhov, Yampol, Krolevetsk districts and Novgorod-Seversk (Chernihiv region); representatives of the City Executive Committee and the Employment Center. The plenary meeting began with a welcome speech of Kravchenko O.M, a manager of the Executive Committee, who stressed the key role of Shostka Institute in the organization of scientific-practical meetings that without doubt it contributes to the development of the northern district of our region.
The reports were Modern and Future of Innovative Development of ShISumDU (Protsenko O.M., the dean of full-time faculty of ShISumDU), The Experience of Implementing Distance Education at Sumy State University (Meleychuk S.S, the director of part-time, distance and evening forms of learning at Sumy State University), Implementation of IT Innovation at SSU: 3D-technologies, mobile devices, startups (Piven A.G., the head of computer technology center), Innovative Technologies to Improve Teachers Qualifications (Dreval O.Yu. , the deputy dean of Advanced Training Faculty for teachers), The Role of ShISumDU in the Use of IT Technologies in the Educational and Social Space of Shostka and its district (Andrusenko O.O., the director of the Industrial park Svema, lecturer of the SIT department), Using Cloud Services in the Educational Process of Shostka Gymnasium as a Means of Blended Learning (Kovtun S.V., the deputy headmaster for curriculum and discipline of Shostka Gymnasium) which aroused great interest, because they were based on experience and had applied nature and they included the invitation to cooperate from Hertz Sergei, the project manager of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online, who spoke about digitalization in the organization and control of the educational process through the cloud service Dynamics CRM Online. The participants listened to him online.
All participants of the regional scientific-practical seminar received certificates.
After the coffee-break and lively communication the excursion was organized by Shostka Institute.
During the discussion of the results of the seminar cooperation agreements were concluded with educational institutions and Advanced Training Faculty for teachers. The dean of full-time feculty of Shostka Institute O.M. Protsenko expressed the proposal to combine all educational institutions of the town and districts on one educational online portal with a single remote education system, school sites by using the experience and technical capabilities of the Institute to improve the quality of training students for successful testing and admission to the universities. The participants of the seminar, the representatives of educational institutions and the Department of Education expressed their approval and support on this issue.



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