The Opening of the Educational and Memorial Complex Gentilitial Memory

The students, teachers and staff of Shostka Institute took part in the opening of the Educational and Memorial Complex Gentilitial Memory. The complex was created by the city contract with the public organization German Documentary Centre within the German-Ukrainian project Forgotten Victims. The materials of the museum will tell about Ostarbeiteren of Shostka, partisans during the Second World War, the victims of political repression of 1930-40 years and participants of the ATO from Shostka.
The Director of the International Fund Mutual Understanding and Tolerance Igor Lushnikov who first spoke at the ceremonial meeting, said that the memorial and educational complex had been created as a base to explore the history of Europe as an example of specific true stories of Shostka and its region residents - victims of the totalitarian regime in Germany during World War II.
The representative of the German Embassy in Ukraine, the Deputy Cultural Attache Daniel Vesler emphasized the importance of preserving historical memory of the past, understanding the history and honor the memory of all who died during the war and died of tyranny and violence.
The greetings of the initiator of creating museum Huze Martin, the director of the documentary centre of historical research of Libenau gunpowder factory, where residents of Shostka were taken for forced labor during the war, were read out. Those present held the moment of silence in tribute of the memory of those killed during the Second World War and during the antiterrorist operation and laid flowers to the communal grave.
The author of the educational and memorial complex, People's Artist of Ukraine Anatolii Haydamaka expressed his hope that the museum will be visited, and his exposure with active community participation will be enlarged and replenished.
The Mayor Mykola Noha thanked everyone involved in the creation of complex, by the way, it is now the only one in Ukraine, and he presented them with the certificates of appreciation from the head of Sumy Regional State Administration, the certificates of appreciation from Mayor, honorary distinctions of the Executive Committee of Shostka City Council for a significant contribution to the preservation of peace, revival of historical memory.
The Educational and Memorial Complex Gentilitial Memory is next to the main building of Shostka Institute. Such neighborhood will help attract students to a wide search, research, patriotic education of youth and the formation of active citizenship in order to preserve peace in the country and the world.


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