Мeetup at the Institute


The unique to our city and new for Ukraine the event Meetup has been held at Shostka Institute of SSU. Meetup is a meeting of specialists from various fields of industry. The purpose of this Meetup, which was supported by mayor M. P. Noga and the initiative of the Institute, is to create the different startups. In Shostka it will be planned to develop the innovative projects in the sphere of infrastructure, communications, software, technical equipment, which will interest not only Ukrainian, but also foreign customers.
“Having studied the world and domestic developments, the students of Shostka Institute can create interesting projects”, said with certainty the Candidate of Technical Sciences, lecturer of SIT department, the director of the Industrial Park “Svema” Oleksandr Andrusenko. “And there are some ideas for the development of information technology in our city, particularly in education, medicine, housing and public utilities”.
The chief architect of Shostka Volodymyr Yefremov, who also took part in Meetup, said that there is a base for development of IT-technologies in town; in particular the server has been acquired.
The work on virtual development and popularization of Shostka begins and we will rely on youth and hope for success.

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