Schostka Institute celebrated the International Students Day on a grand scale

On the holiday eve the Student Council initiated carrying out Days of Self-Government. Senior students tried themselves as teachers. It was a kind of adulthood rehearsal. Kravchenko Vlas (E-11Sh), Shcherbak Artem (SU-11Sh), Herbei Yaroslava(SU-11Sh), Hryshchenko Artem (SU-11Sh), Drozdova Kateryna (Ch/T-41Sh), Malyshok Yevgen (Ch/M-41Sh) decided to take part in such interesting experiment. It was just to see how tried newly minted teachers, as theywere supported by their fellow students and teachers! The Student Council expresses thanks to the teachers, who agreed to give place temporarily, Koniev O.M., Basov A.H., Varenyk I.V., Mukhin M.M., Pavlenko O.V.
Here's how todescribe their feelings participants of the event:
Yaroslava Herbei: Day of Self-Government a special day at the Institute!This is a unique opportunity to try yourself as a teacher and learn all the nuances of the profession, and even look at yourself on the other side.Frankly speaking, it was scary at first, but then you give classes rather confident.I am grateful to freshmen, they did not make noise and listened to new material attentively. I think that Days of Self-Government are interesting and cognitive events. You start to look at the training in a new light and you deeply understand efforts and work of all participants of this process.
Yevgen Malyshok: I first tried my hand as a teacher. It was not as easy as it seems at first glance.It was necessary to spend considerable preliminary work, find and pick out a necessary material to prepare well for the lecture. But when classes began, time went quickly and quietly, since so many had to make it. I believe that teaching, especially at high school is not an easy task because it requires a lot of knowledge and experience.
Polina Naumova: In our group Herbei Yaroslava has given classes of Computer Science and the Internet. We really enjoyed it, it was really interesting. It was immediately obvious that the student was doing it with responsibility. We need more frequent activities as it is a positive experience for all.
Artem Shcherbak: I have given classes of Metrology in the group SU-31 Sh. Of course, I used the theoretical material whichwas given to me by a teacher, but my own experience and using devices were very useful so I gave lecture easily. I hope I was able to interest students.

At Students Day a pleasant surprise was for all students and teachers of the Institute: during the long break in the lobby there was the debut performance of music band. It consisted of Afanasiev Maksym (SU-31Sh), Fylypenko Maksym(SU-31Sh),Serduk Ivan (SU-41Sh) and Krot Yana (Ch/T-21Sh). The band is rather young but ambitious and creative. The musicians performed several songs which were perceived to cheer in this unusual format for audience.

Traditionally the celebration was with the concert, which was attended by teams of amateur performances of the Institute, college and medical school. Inflammatory dances of folk dance choreographic ensemble Svitanok, patriotic songs performed by vocal group Suziria with the participation of the Dean, A. Protsenko created a unique atmosphere of joy and unity of students of all ages. The performance of students theater pop miniatures added fun to spectators. Asalways talented, young actors talked about the difficult but so interesting students life.

The final chord of the Students Day was a party in the entertainment center Orpheus. Here they received an interesting program with contests, prizes and wonderful musical compositions. The students had to fight for the title of the most clever, inflammatory and creative, and they coped with that task perfectly well.


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