Participation of ShI SumDU in the International Scientific Practical Conference


The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Ukraine hosted an International Scientific Conference "Energy saving, energy efficiency and energy audit in Ukraine". The event was organized jointly by Derzhenerhoefektyvnosti (Company "Scientific and Expert Centre NLER"), Ministry of Economic Development, Ministry of Energy, the Committee on industrial partnership, scientific and industrial cooperation at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Ukraine. ShI SumDU was invited to take part in the work of the conference. The Institute was represented by candidate of technical sciences Zakusylo R.V.
During the conference the problems associated with the implementation of European directives in Ukraine in accordance with the Agreement on Association between Ukraine and the EU were comprehensively considered. Primarily on international standards in the field of energy management (standard 180 5000162011), Ukrainian legal requirements in the field of energy-saving and energy audit and innovations in energy saving.
R.V.Zakusylo’s report on application features of geothermal heat pumps in the heating system has attracted much attention to this problem of both professionals and mass media.
More information on results of the conference can be found on the site of the CCI of Ukraine -




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