Constructive meeting

On the basis of the Shostka Institute of Sumy State Universitya meeting of the directors of secondary schools of the city and the representatives of the Department of Education of the City Council with the executives and members of the teaching staff of the Institute was held. The main topic of the conversation was about the ways of cooperation of schools with ShISumDU .
Director of the Institute Akulenko B.L. highlighted the wide range of cooperation with educational institutions of the city : the involvement of the Institute researchers in teaching at preparatory training courses and specialized classes , a set of measures on preparing pupils for external independent assessment, use of material and technical base, including research laboratories and the Institute library fund for conducting contests, olympiads ,writing papers for SAS , participation of secondary school students in student research seminars , extensive involvement of youth into mass sporting and cultural activities. By the way, 6 city schools have an agreement with ShI SSU, namely #1, 4 , 5, 7 , 8, 12.The director also said that the Institute had a wide choice of specialties , excellent facilities and proper academic staff to prepare qualified professionals so that the young Shostkavites remain to obtain a higher education in their native city.
Lyashenko I.P, director of the Youth Centre for Social Partnership and Creativity, appealed to the executives of the Institute with a request for participation of the Institute scientists in establishing School of Young Researchers and also for assistance in the development of themes of research works for SAS and in writing them by senior school pupils and reviewing of these studies by leading scholars. In the medium term -cooperation in the Engineering Academy of SAS (for pupils of 5th, 6th forms ) , Summer School of Mathematics, conducting webinars , contests of research papers and so on. Serheyko N. A., Chief of the Shostka Management of Education, thanked the staff of the Institute who are working actively withschools now and expressed her own vision for future cooperation.
In addition to such actual and constructive conversation, the directors of the secondary schools and managers had an excellent opportunity of getting acquainted with material resources of the Shostka Institute of Sumy State University , including the newly opened, ultra-modern building and listening to the stories of the representatives of the Institute departments about the conditions , peculiarities and perspectives of teaching students in their home town .
We hope that cooperation between the secondary schools and the Institute will be fruitful and mutually beneficial. It will improve the provision of educational services , the development of education and science in the city.


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