The Participation of the Shostka Institute in the Conference, which was held under the aegis of the European Union in the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Ukraine


Commerce and Industry of Ukraine held a conference on “Technical fabrics with desired properties and their products: modern production technology, expanding applications and prospects of development of new market”. The event was part of the international project “Stimulating cooperation between research centers and industry for activation of using functional textiles and other textile materials at the world markets (project “2B FunTex”), which is carried out under the aegis of the European Union.
Thirty-nine organizations and institutions, including the Ministry of Economy of Ukraine, Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, Ministry of Industrial Policy of Ukraine, Ukraine Union of Chemists, CB South and others were presented at the conference. Among the guests was Shostka Institute. It was represented by Zakusylo R.V., the senior teacher of the department “Processes and Equipment of Chemical Production”, Candidate of Technical Science.
The participation in this conference has given an opportunity to domestic enterprises and organizations for using the information on innovative achievements of European countries for own development and also to establish direct ties to attract investments, the introduction of innovative technologies and progressive technical textile materials with unique functional and technological properties, that can apply in energy, construction, municipal services, particularly in the reconstruction and repair of heating systems, recycling equipment, water and gas systems as heating, waterproofing, noise-attenuating materials and components.

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