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The German publishing house LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing has published the monograph “Granulation and Saturation of Cellulose Nitrate. Physico-Chemical and Technological Regularities”. Its authors are the Professor, the head of the department of CHTHMC, the Doctor of Engineering Sciences, Lukashov V. K., the Candidate of Engineering Sciences, the lecturer Starikova T., a specialist of the department Onda V.I. The results of the investigation of regularities of the basic processes and phenomena that occur during granulation cellulose nitrate by lacquer way and saturation of obtained granules with plasticizer were presented in the monograph. The influence on the formation of granules of temporary and hydrodynamic conditions, the properties of lacquer and dispersion medium and the conditions of stripping solvent have been found. Characteristics of the granules obtained in this way have been investigated. Physical model of saturation of cellulose nitrate granules with plasticizing agent that takes into account the change in the physical state of the polymer in the saturation obtained mathematical dependences describing the kinetics of sorption saturation of cellulose nitrate granules with camphor and dibutyl phthalate has been developed on the basis of experimental data. The monograph is intended for researchers and engineers working in the field of processing cellulose nitrate, it can be useful for graduate students and senior students of the appropriate higher schools.
The monograph can be found in the library of Shostka Institute of Sumy State University.

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