Presentation of the Institute

The third time in a row the Shostka Institute of Sumy State University has been invited to the “Profession Fair” which is traditionally held by the Mena Employment Centre of the Chernihiv regional national administration.
The representatives of our Institute prepared a video presentation of the educational establishment, told the schoolchildren about it, held an individual conversation (colloquy) with school leavers, answered a great number of the questions they had about the entering campaign of 2013, the Institute perspectives, the advantages of studying both in Sumy and in Shostka. This year a lot of technical schools of the Chernihiv region and educational establishments of the I-IV levels of accreditation of the neighboring regions have participated in this event.
The Shostka Institute of Sumy State University has attracted the Mena students’ attention and got them interested.
Hopefully, they will choose to become students here in Shostka.

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