Learning a foreign language is undoubtedly an interesting and useful thing to do, especially nowadays, when the world is becoming one global village and traveling around it has become so popular. More and more University students study at the Department of Translating / Interpreting these days. As we all know, it’s one of the most required and well-paid jobs in Ukraine and in other countries as well.
The students of the Shostka Institute of Sumy State University who major in Translating and Interpreting study such languages as English, German and Latin. This year, though, they have a great opportunity to learn French. Some first- and second-year students expressed their desire to learn a new foreign language. The Institute has found a good teacher with a high level of knowledge of French – Karpenko Dmitry Sergeevich.
The class is held once a week, every Tuesday. The group of 12 students enjoys the process of learning. During the class, they learn new French words and phrases, practice in translating sentences from Ukrainian into French and from French into Ukrainian, listen to audios and discuss them in order to be able to understand not only written, but spoken French, too. Dmitry Sergeevich has easily found the way to get his students interested in the language, most of them have already fallen in love with it and are eager to learn more and more.

This spring the teacher of French is planning a group trip to Europe. All the students who are in the group are going to visit France, Germany and Czech Republic. That’s why the students are interested to learn French to be able to speak with the French people during their visit.
Let’s hope everything goes well for our students and wish them good luck, because learning a foreign language is not an easy thing to do!

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