Distribution of graduates of 2016


In Shostka Institute of SSU another distribution of graduates took place. To participate in this important matter representatives of industrial enterprises and organizations of various forms of ownership were invited. This year graduates were in the fields: Chemical Technology of Macromolecular Compounds (qualification chemical engineer technologist), computerized control systems and automation (qualification engineer of computer systems), machinery of chemical production enterprises and enterprises of building materials (qualification mechanical engineer). Therefore, such state-owned enterprises as "Star" and "Impulse", DerzhNDIHP, Novgorod-Siversky cheese producing plant and others got interested in young replenishment.
Distribution was carried out in accordance with the attained scores of student performance with the choice of the place of employment, the wishes and possibilities of the most graduates were also considered. They preferred jobs with the prospect of professional growth, stable working conditions, wages being also an important factor in many cases .
The management of the institute had done everything so that each student had a choice and took the opportunity to get their first job. All the graduates have been distributed.

There are still state exams to pass and diploma projects to defend. And only then the graduates will be sent to the place of employment where they will be considered young professionals for three years and will have certain benefits.
Making use of this occasion, the management of Shostka Institute of SSU invites to cooperation managers of enterprises and organizations of various forms of ownership. Our university has adequate scientific and educational potential, the appropriate physical infrastructure for the training of qualified personnel. We welcome suggestions on tel .: (05449) -4-28-28, 066-46-32-316 or at: 41100, Sumy region, Shostka, st. Gagarina, 1, room 306, info@ishostka.sumdu.edu.ua,
Dear graduates, congratulations on this really significant event in your life - getting the first job! We wish you good luck, good prospects and professional growth!




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