Contest of scientific-research papers

On the base of Shostka Institute of Sumy State University for already the 7th time a contest of scientific-research papers has been held.
The principal of the institute, V. L. Akulenko, opened the 2nd stage of the contest that was held in a form of a scientific seminar, with a solemn speech. He greeted the participants and the guests and wished them artistic success, inspiration and courage in realization of their scientific-practical ideas.
This year 13 scientific-research papers have been represented. They were prepared by the upper-grade students of secondary institutions in Shostka, as well as the students of the I. Kozhedub Chemical-Technological college and Shostka and Konotop Institutes of Sumy State University. ItТs necessary to note the various characters of the scientific researches, represented at the scientific seminar (the 2nd stage of the contest), that comprises a wide spectrum of general economical character problems.
Especially relevant and interesting were the works that covered the question of formation and development of the industrial park УSvemaФ, which the major of the town, M.P. Noha, has referred to during his speech to the participants. In Mykola PetrovitchТs opinion, the scientific-research contest is an important and necessary event that allows not only discussing the existing problems of the town and area development problems and finding the methods of their solving, but also finding and engaging the interested people to realization of the presented at the contest programs and projects of the economic development of the town and region.
The best works were chosen and awarded diplomas and prizes, by the results of two stages of the contest jury that was headed by V. L. Akulenko.
The students of Shostka Institute of Sumy State University Ц Lustova Anna, Pylypenko Daryna and the students of the I. Kozhedub Chemical-Technological college Vilihovska Kateryna and Manitsky Andriy - took 1st place.
2nd place, by the results of two stages of the expert jury for the papers, was taken by the students of Shostka Institute of Sumy State University Ц KhodakAlina, LeonovaIryna, AleksandrenkoOlexiy, ProkudinaKateryna and the student of the Lyceum, Mozolevska Hanna.
According to the decision of the contest jury, 3rd place was given to Shamardina Kateryna, the student of Konotop Institute of Sumy State University, Bulikhova Valentyna and Shelupina Vita, students of Shostka Institute of Sumy State University, and Zadiora Olga, student of the Lyceum.
The rest of the participants of the contest received consolation prizes and certificates that verify the active participation in the contest of scientific-research papers.
All the reports were prepared on a high scientific level. Some fields of the research papers of the reporters increased the interest, caused stormy discussion among the contest participants (2nd stage of the contest) and laudatory comments.
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