It is a ball...

It is a ball…The real autumn ball is that one with the orchestra, evening dress and tail-coats, lovely ladies and gallants. The unique atmosphere of beauty, music and forever young waltz is prevailed in the ballroom of the club house named after Karl Marx, where the students, teachers and employees of Chemico-Technological College named after Ivan Kozhedub and Shostka Institute of Sumy State University are gathered.
The teacher of History and Culture Larisa Khabaroba suggested the idea to organize such unusual evening. She worked hard, that the ball became a real holiday, the event number 1 of this autumn. They prepared seriously and persistently: classic ballroom dances are studied carefully under the guidance of experienced choreographers Oleg and Tatiana Demych, the era and cultural environment, etiquette, fashion and style are learned. It was important not only external similarity, but the spirit and atmosphere. That’s why, in addition to dancing, the participants of the ball recreated entertainments, and other items such parties, for instance, performing songs. Now the organizers of the ball were confident: the ball will become another tradition of the educational institution - good and extremely beautiful tradition.


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