Dear heads of the enterprises and private entities, entrepreneurs!


Department of Chemical Technology of Macromolecular Compounds conducts research and development in the following areas:
- Technological processes of obtaining and processing of macromolecular compounds;
- Explosives and technologies of their manufacture;
- Technology of alternative fuels;
- Methods of monitoring the process of aging of polymeric materials.
A number of our projects have already been implemented in the production of the Shostkinsky State Plant "Star", Shostkinsky State Plant «Impulse», State Research Institute of Chemical Products (ДНДІХП), Sumykhimprom.
Currently, the Department of Chemical Technology of Macromolecular Compounds assists the Kiev Industrial Organization «Slavia» in the organization of production of complex polymer products on high-tech German equipment.
Department ChTMC (ХТВМС) of ShI SSU invites to cooperation!

Contacts of the Department:
- vul.Instytuts’ka, b.6, room 202, research sector (from 9.00 to 17.00);
Director Akulenko Vitaly Lukyanovich
tel +38 (05449) 7-54-16;
tel/ fax +38(05449) 6-13-37;
Deputy Director on Research Work Pepelyaev Ivan Olexandrovych
tel/ fax +38 ( 05449) 7-42-04
Head of the Department Lukashov Volodymyr Kostyantynovych


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