Hall of residence of ShI of SSU

Every year the Shostka Institute of SSU opens new specialties and the number of students, including non-locals,isincreasing. Therefore, to create a favourable environment for studies and recreation, the ShI of SSU offers non-local students to live in its hall of residence.
There is a kitchen, laundry facilities, showers and toilets, a luggage room, fridges and restrooms. Accommodation is in double and triple rooms, which are equipped with all necessary furniture.
Advantages of living in the hall of residence of the ShI of SSU:
Location in the same area with the educational buildings of the Institute, which allows not to waste time and money tomove. Comfort and cosiness. The building of the hall of residence has recently been renovated, a decent heating has been installed. Modern hardware, including the Internet. The hall of residence is located in the city centre, nearby there are cinemas, a sports complex, public catering places, abus stop, banks with day-and-night cash dispensers.
The students of correspondence and distance learning can be offered a dormitory for the period of prescriptive andexamination sessions. The following documents are required for settling into the student hall of residence:
• Medical certificate;
• 3 photos 3x4 (black and white, matte);
• Military ID or a document certifying the withdrawal of military records (for boys).
User fee is charged in accordance with dormitory standards set for students.

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