The new building of Shostka Institute of SumDU is open!

It is new ultra-modern educational premises which have long been awaited, and in which great hopes are reposed.
In the new building there has been created an e-library with an exit to the libraries of any institution of higher education of the world (including Harvard, Massachusetts), the lecture halls are equipped with modern multimedia facilities, there is polygraphic and copying equipment, own printing-house, over 180 computers says the director of Shostka Institute Vitaliy AKULENKO.
The initiator of the construction of a new building was the head of the regional government administration Yuriy CHMYR. I am sure that new ideas will be generated here, the governor said at the opening ceremony. In fact all terms are created for effective work, science and business. The zest of the new building will be a business-incubator where innovative projects, new technologies necessary for the modern production will be developed.
The chancellor of SumDU Anatoliy VASYLEV expressed gratitude to the regional authorities for help and support in the construction of the new building.

This building will facilitate the development of the whole institute. Here will develop marketing and patent services, scientific and technical services that the representatives of small and middle business will use. The new building will become the background of innovative development of the region, A.V. VASYLEV mentioned.
Presently in Shostka Institute 1200 students are trained. For them the opening of the new building is a real holiday. The fourth-year student Bohdan MAKARENKO says that everything in the new building enraptures him. Ive already had time to become acquainted with the possibilities of the e-library, Bohdan says. It impresses. Im sure that in such conditions we will study better.
The main task of the institute is to provide Shostka enterprises with highly qualified workers. For the town, where an industrial park Svema is actively developing with the institute as its part, the opening of the new building of this educational establishment is an extremely important stage. Within the framework of the project the teachers, students and graduate students are expected to participate in the work of the park. They will work at the scientific designs of the enterprises, the number of which is presently already more than 30 on the territory of Svema; they will encourage creating new thematic plans.
For information: the institute in Shostka was created in 1926, it worked till August 1941. In 2001 after an interval of 60 years, the educational establishment was again opened.
Now in 2012 with the appearance of the new building Shostka Institute has got new prospects, enormous possibilities.

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